Textile Finishing Felts

ET-S3 Sanforizing Felt Blanket

Item No.: ET-S3
Hongkong xinyun industrial is the Sanfor felt manufacturer for kinds of fabric sanforizing, we can manufacture small size and big size with 100% polyester or polyester mix nomex...
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Sanforizing felt blanket is used in Finishing, Ironing, Lustering, Softening of the fabrics,sanfor felt also called Palmer felt, shrinking felt, zero zero felt blanket, drying felt, the purpose of the sanforizing felt is Sanforized fabrics and Denim manufacture finishing.
The Endless Needled Felts (Felt Blanket) is used in Finishing, Ironing, Lustering, Softening of the fabrics
Endless Sanforizing blanket are made of special technical grade fibres having high tensile strength, made of material are: Polyester, nomex(aramid), Acrylic .
Sanforizing    felt Material weight/m2 width length thickness
100%polyester 2400 to 3300 gr/m2 Max.3550mm 2.4m to 60m 6mm to 10mm
Nomex mix    polyester
polyester Acrylic

Hongkong xinyun is suplying OEM sanfor felt , such as the following sanforizing machine brand:Monforts, Morrison, Muzzi,Brückner, Cibitex, Tepa, Sperotto, Dhall, Yamuna, Ronson, Swastik, Poong Kwang, Bisio, Daroitex, Paganini, Texima, Kyoto …