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L-078 Rotary union and L-079 Metal hose

Item No.: L-078
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We can offer any size of rotary union for any euqipment. The cast iron can reach high 
quality, and we can also offer any parts of rotary joint .

Item Rotary Joint
Size 1",1 1/4",1 1/2",2"
Material Cast iron and Graphite seals
Temperature ≤300°C
Rotating speed ≤300rpm
Pressure ≤1.2Mpa

Metal hose match for rotary union/rotary joint, can customzied any lenght
Item Metal Hoses
Material 316 stainless steel
Working temperature 800°C
Size Ø3/4" , Ø1", Ø1 1/4", Ø1 1/2" , Ø2"