Textile Finishing Felts

ET-P6 Pleating Felts

Item No.: ET-P6
Endless Pleating felts:Nomex pleating felt,cotton pleating felt,wool pleating felt
Description inquiry
Endless Pleating Felt is like a tube, also called pleating tube felts are used for pleating machines for the fabric pleating,  nomex pleating felt which can resist high temperature.

In kind of different shapes Pleating is applicated to synthetic fabrics for garment, leathers and filters, the characteristic of the pleating is endless and it looks like a sleeve, so customers also called endless pleating felt or pleating sleeve.
It is mostly made of 100% nomex, some special will require canva pleating felt.
Usage :Enldess pleating felt for various applications such as pleated skirts, pants, tops, dresses, lamp shades and scarfs.

Specification :
Material Thickness Circumference Length


100%Nomex 2~6mm 520~580mm customized 220℃ to 260℃
Cotton 2mm 520~580mm customized 180℃
Wool 2~5mm 560mm customized 180℃