Construction Industry Felt Belt Cloth

Battery Pasting Belt Seamless Battery Sticker Tape

Item No.: E-019
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Endless belt for battery plate pasting machines

Battery pasting belts is the felt belt for battery industry, seamless pasting belt for the battery and the accumulator production, made of to a special chemical treatment cotton and synthetic fibers being battery pasting truly endless belt.  Our endless battery belts surface the same strength in all the belt’s sections and no weak points,surface with high abrasion resistance will be long life-time, we can made any size upon customer's request.

Most common sizes
thickness                Length                   Width             
5mm-8mm           60”-160“           11” to 30”
Breaking strength :N/mm at 1% elong.  

Estimated production is of about 8000000 to1,000,000 frequency of replacement for each belt can be once a week or every second week (in function of production capacity).