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Silicone Membranes For Wood Vacuum Presses

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Vacuum presses membranes is also called silicone membrane on wood industry for a broad range of vacuum forming of application Pressing of foil and veneer, furniture, production of wood laminations, and even in composite industries, silicone rubber sheet membranes Elastomer membranes no contact which on the pressed plastics do not trigger any discoloration.


-No contact discolouration on pressed parts
-Long-term flexibility
-High tear strength
-High elasticity (750%)

Colour : gray /Translucent
Material : Silicone
Width : 2600mm
thickness: 3mm
Hardness (Shore A) : 50
Maximum Temperature (°C) : 220
Tensile Strength (MPa) : 8.5
Elongation at break (%) : 750