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Industrial Steel Wiping Felt

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Industrial Steel Wiping Felt

Steel wiping felt is for for wiping purpose in soft or rigid metals as roll cold roll rteel mills and other industries, polyester fibres Stiff felt is  remove oils, cutting fluids, burrs, and other contaminants from metal master rolls as it is being, straightened, or slit into coils. 

Needle felt for steel slitting line also could be used in Cold Rooling Mills, Hot Rolling Mills, Steel Slitters, Cushioning Purpose as felt pads.

Material : 100% Polyester
Colour : White /Black/gray
Density : 500g/m2-8000g/m2
Thickness : 2 to 25mm
Width customized: 100mm to1600mm
Packing: PP woven bag with water proofing