Textile Finishing Felts

Flatbed Heat Press Nomex Felt

Item No.: ET-P2
Flatbed heat press felt is the open type of sublimation printed felt, normally made of 100% nomex, nomex mix polyester
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Flatbed heat press felt is used on small format  flatbed Sublimation Heat Presses on high heat resistance to sublimation printing  the small format flags and banners, T-shirt, advertisement and other small fabric printing.

It is an open type of sublimation printing felt or padding, we can manufacture it in any size as customers request. 

Item Fatbed heat press felt
Material 100%Nomex or nomex mix Polyester
Thickness 2mm -20mm
Weight/m2 500g/m2- 4000g/m2
Width customized
Lenght customized
Working temperature 160°C-260°C