Laundry Ironer Accessories

Belt Fastener Machine For Laundry Belts

Item No.: L-064
Laundry belt fastener machine is use for connected the belts end after press the belt fastener on the belts, we have three type of installation tool is hand hydraulic press machine of  25# and  1# 
and electric one 10 tons pressure, easy operation.
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No.25 and No.1 Belt Fastener Machine for connecting  laundry ironer belts, we have both of Manual Hydraulic Press Machine and the Electric Installation Press Equipment for laundry ironer belting with 10 tons pressure, making the clipper and belt combined strongly.

Treadle type of electric fastening machine work on high efficiency which can match 25# and 1# belt fastener machine, changing mould only and which work in the same principle. 

Model Matched mould Belt fastener application  
25# fastener  machine             25# mould:100mm;150mm;200mm                     25# 
1# fastener machine 25# mould:100mm;150mm;200mm
25# & 1#

The Operation Video on YOUTUBE:

[Click here to follow hydraulic belt fastener machine]

[Click here to follow the electric belt hook machine]