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Conveyor Belt Felts For Paper Industrial Machines

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We produces paper machine industrial Press felt, Forming polyester mesh fabrics, Dryer spiral dry mesh belt:

Applied to press types:  of high-grade printing paper, newsprint, technical paper, packaging paper, high-grade paper board etc.
*Pressing system:Press nylon felts are used in the press section of paper making process, it is a part of paper machine press section, its effect to remove the water in paper sheet, and transfer the uniform paper sheet to dryer section. 
Paper press felt density from 600g to 1800g.
Types  : Single layer,2 paper,3 paper making felt and Pulp making felt


*Forming system: Paper machine forming fabrics are designed to retain as many fibers and other ingredients as possible while allowing water to drain through them as quickly as possible. they consist of monofilament polyester strands. 
The types are as follows: 1 layer, 1.5 layer, 2.5 layer, 3 layer

* Drying system: Spiral dry mesh belts for paper machinery,filter belts,dryer fabric belt for paper machinery are usually made of abrasive resistant high quality polyester monofilament in 100% PET.
Weave spiral with or without stuffer yarns which are widely used filter press fabric for paper machine clothing in paper pulp washing and drying.