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Item No.: L-060
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Our laundry belt fasteners  are major used to connect the laundry belt, which is suitable for all the cotton belt, ironer belt, polyester belt, PVC belt and non-skid rubber belt.

Our belt fastener is manufactured by ourselves that is made of 316 stainless steel, therefore, the belt fastener performance is strong, wear-resisting and will not damage the belts.

We have several types of clipper for laundry belting: No.25 hooks, No.1 hooks
and alligator lacing.

The wire diameter of our 25# Belt fastener is 0.6mm, and the width is 2” , 3” , 4” , 6” ,8” and 12”.
It is suitable for 1.5mm-2.5mm thickness conveyor belt, such as folding belt, polyester feeding belt and woven ironer belt.

The wire diameter of our 1# Belt fastener is 1.0mm, the width is 6”, 8” and 12”
It is suitable for 3mm-5mm thickness conveyor belt such as nomex polyester ironing belt, thick PVC belt.

Alligator Lacing for ironer woven belt, more smooth surface .

Model interchange Belt Thickness Wire Diameter Size*Number/Box Packing,weight Remark
L-061(#25) 0.5mm-2.5mm 0.6mm 0.025'' 50mm(2'')W*200PC         19*12*8cm          0.45kg       
75mm(3'')W*200PC 19*15*9cm 0.65kg
100mm(4'')W*100PC 18*11*7cm 0.45kg
150mm(6'')W*48PC 31*6*5cm 0.4kg
L-062(#1) 3.0mm-5.0mm 1.0mm 0.040'' 150mm(6'')W*24PC 17*7*6cm 0.5kg
200mm(8'')W*12PC 22*7*6cm 0.5kg
Alligator lacing

Two kinds of wire pin roll to meet with different belts:

One is nylon pins, diameter 1.6mm for cotton belts, feeding belts connecting

Another is steel core and blue nylon surface combination, diameter1.6mm for ironer belting

All Length:30m/roll